Weapon Mounting Solutions

A. The 12.7mm Buffered Pintle Mount is an in service mount that is designed to accept the 12.7mm /.50 cal M2HB MG QCB with left or right cocking or feed.

B. Designed specifically for the .50 cal, the Manroy Soft mount absorbs much of the considerable recoil energy thus allowing quicker target acquisition and improved accuracy.

The mount is available in ground or air defence models and is easily adapted to all standard mounting systems. It can also be fitted with a shoulder rest and various weapon sights.

C. The 7.62mm Buffered Pintle mount is an in service mount that is designed to accept the ME 7.62mm GPMG.
There are other variants of this mount that will accept other 7.62mm weapons such as the ANF1, HK21E, M60 and MG3.

D. The Manroy Multi Weapon Mount will accept with little or no modification:

  • FN Minimi® 5.56
  • FN MAG® (7.62mm cal)
  • FN M2HB-QCB™
  • MK 19 40mm AGL

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