Lightweight Tripods

M2 HMG Tripod

Made from high strength tubular aluminium alloy the reduction in carrying weight is in excess of 50%. A standard M3 tripod weighs,
21 kg the lightweight tripod 10 kg.

Used with a traversing and elevating mechanism, the mount allows the gun to be used on fixed lines.

When fitted with the Manroy .50" Softmount and T&E mechanism, the tripod permits the effective use of night vision or thermal imaging equipment for optimum performance at night or in conditions of poor visibility.

7.62mm GPMG Tripod

The Manroy new light weight GPMG tripod reduces the carrying weight down to 9.4 kg still with the stability and functionality of the traditional tripod.

Technical Data

  GPMG Lightweight Tripod   Lightweight Tripod
Weight 10 kg / 22 lbs Weight 10 kg / 22 lbs
Height of sightline above ground Max: 635mm / 25in Dimensions Folded  
  Min: 330mm / 13in Length 1,120mm
    Width 250mm
Free traverse 6,400 mils / 360° Height 140mm
Mechanical traverse 200 mils / 11°    
    Dimensions Open  
Maximum leg spread 1.118m / 44in Length 1,300mm
    Width 1,130mm
Dimensiosn folded   Adjustable Height 200mm - 540mm
Length 813mm / 32in    
Width 191mm / 7.5in    
Height 191mm / 7.5in    

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