20mm Cannon

ME 20mm Cannon

The ME 20mm Hispano-Suiza type 804 Cannon is a perfect solution where the customer demands ruggedness and reliability as the main criteria, rather than expensive and often unnecessary sophistication.

As a multi-purpose weapon, it is highly effective against surface, air and land targets, and is ideally suited as a main armament on AFV’s, fast attack boats and patrol craft or as secondary armament on larger vessels.


  • Maximum range 5,700m / 6,200yds
  • Cost effective firepower with low life cycle costs
  • No electrical power requirements (full manual operation)
  • Drum or left or right belt feed options

Technical Data

Cannon Weight 42.8 kg / 94.4 lbs 42.8 kg / 94.4 lbs
Barrel Length 1510mm / 59.49" 1510mm / 59.49"
Overall Length 2,115mm / 83.27" 2,115mm / 83.27"
Firing Modes Single shot or auto Single shot or auto
Rate of Fire 750 to 800 RPM 750 to 800 RPM
Muzzle Velocity 835 m/sec / 2740 ft/sec 835 m/sec / 2740 ft/sec
Recoil Thrust (max) 4.5 kn 4.5 kn
Mean Recoil Force 1.6 kn 1.6 kn
Feed Mechanism 60rd drum magazine Left or right hand feed
Empty Magazine Weight 12.5 kg / 27.5 lbs N/A
Loaded Magazine Weight 28 kg / 61 lbs N/A
Ammunition Types 20mmx110mm HEI, AP, TPT, TP 20mmx110mm HEI, AP, TPT, TP

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