Scorpio Turret Ready To Go

September 2014 - In August Manroy successfully trialled their one man Turret ‘Scorpio’ including live firing of 1,000’s of rounds of ammunition without a single stoppage. Scorpio is currently being offered for several programmes around the world. Scorpio is a lightweight, low profile turret that can be configured to fire either the 12.7mm M2HB QCB or the 7.62mm GPMG (both weapons are supplied by Manroy). Either weapon can be loaded, fired and fully maintained from below armour.

Scorpio is shown fitted with an Image Intensified Day Night Gunners Sight and 76mm Smoke Discharger System. The turret can be armoured up to STANAG 4569 Level III using an appliqué  armour system (including vision blocks) with a base level protection of typically STANAG 4569 Level II or B7. Various options can be included in the build standard including a Thermal Sight and Power Drive System. For further details, please contact info(at)