Manroy Lightweight Towing System Success

January 2014 - With over 1,500 systems in service, the Manroy Lightweight Towing System (LTS) continues to prove its worth with Users.

The LTS has been in service in the UK and overseas now for 4 years and is currently being assessed by over 10 potential new customers worldwide. The system was designed initially to allow vehicles with a gross weight  of 12,000kgs to be towed safely.

However, with minor design modifications and an increase in the total weight of the LTS of only 1kg, the towing capacity was increased such that it will now tow vehicles with a gross weight of up to 18,000kgs. The system weighs a mere 26kgs thereby allowing it to be carried by one person.

The telescopic design of the legs means that the LTS is 1,500mm long when the legs are extended but the stowed length of the LTS is only 1,000mm.

The system is designed to be used in conjunction with towing adaptors which couple the bar to the towing lugs of the vehicle. These adaptors are designed and manufactured by Manroy. As with the towbar itself, the adaptors are light due to the main body being manufactured from high grade aluminium alloy whilst the pins are high tensile steel.

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