Scorpio Low Profile Turrets


Manroy design, manufacture and integrate protected solutions for armoured fighting vehicles. From One Man Turrets, Protected weapons Stations, Hatches, Cupolas to Protected Pintle Mounts. Using the latest armour technology to ensure that we meet the weight you aim for.


A. Unity Vision periscopes for situational awareness

B. Choice of weapon fit

  • 7.62mm GPMG
  • 12.7mm M2 HMG QCB
  • 20mm Cannon
  • 40mm AGL

C. Mantlet fitted high power spot lamp

Optional Upgrade

The Scorpio turret has three other variants depending on the situational requirement:

  • ME 7.62mm GPMG
  • ME 20mm Cannon
  • 40mm AGL

The Scorpio comes with a manually operated traverse gearbox as standard, however it can also be fitted with electrical driven power traverse system.

The baseline standard for the Scorpio is STANAG 4569 level II; Manroy do offer increased protection using applique or a composite solution.

Technical Data

Crew One man
Turret Shell Materiail High hardness stell palte
Turret Shell Construction Fabricated
Armament 12.7x99mm M2HB QCB machine gun (full under armour operation and servicing)
Sighting System Day / night image intensified sight
Hatch Spring assisted, single lever operation
Unity Vision 4 off vision blocks
Weapon Firing Electrically fired by solenoid with manual backup
7.62mm Variant Total Weight 535 kg
12.7mm Variant Total Weight 550 kg
20mm Variant Total Weight 650 kg
40mm AGL Variant Total Weight 570 kg
Ready Rounds 12.7mm x 100
Swept Radius 984mm (minus weapon)
Traverse Sweep n x 360° - 6,400 mils rotation
Elevation Arc -10° to +45°

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