Lightweight Protected Weapon Stations


Manroy design, manufacture and integrate protected solutions for armoured fighting vehicles. From One Man Turrets, Protected weapons Stations, Hatches, Cupolas to Protected Pintle Mounts. Using the latest armour technology to ensure that we meet the weight you aim for.


A. Choice of weapon fit

  • 7.62mm GPMG
  • 12.7mm M2 HBMG QCB

B. Enhanced situational awareness using vision block

C. Protection up to STANAG 4569 Level lll
Wrap-around shield giving 360 degree ballistic protection utilising the hatch cover.

Technical Data

Weight 250 kg (Level III Composite Solution)
Height Above Interface 576mm
Vehicle Intrusion Adaptable Suspended Seat
Swept Radius 815mm (minus weapon)
Typical Vehicle Integration Time 20 minutes
Vision Blocks 6

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